Everything about frozen fish Everything about frozen fish

Everything about frozen fish

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Due to our current lifestyle, frozen fish has become essential for consumers because we don’t have enough time to go grocery shopping.

In this case, the purchase of frozen fish has the following benefits with respect to fresh fish:

| High nutritional value: The freezing process maintains the product’s nutritional value: their proteins, omega-3, vitamins and minerals. Another aspect in favor is the fact that it avoids bacteria growth such as anisakis.

| Variety and useful life: We currently have a wide variety of frozen fish and seafood: octopus, sole, halibut, king shrimp… which gives you an easy and healthy solution for your lunches and dinners. The different presentations: whole fish, chopped fish, loins… make it easy for you in the kitchen – they adapt to any recipe that you might have in mind.

Besides, due to the fact that the product is preserved for months maintaining its properties, frozen fish becomes an essential product in the pantry.

However, not every fishery product is suitable for freezing. It is not recommended to freeze fish such as sardine or anchovy. The reason why these products are not recommended for freezing is because they have larger amounts of fat than others, so during the freezing process, flavor and texture varies.

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