About Grupo Profand

Profand, as a group, was founded in 2011 with the merger of Congelados Marinos Promar and Frigoríficos Fandiño. It soon became one of the most important companies in the European market of frozen and refrigerated seafood, as it manages all the stages of the value chain: extraction, processing and marketing.
This means that Grupo Profand takes care of the whole production process, from fishing the raw materials to preparing the products in our processing plants, which are located in four continents.

The prestige of Grupo Profand stems from its permanent commitment to quality, and its commercial philosophy based on continual adaptation to the ever more demanding market conditions. For this reason, our company has its own corporate structure in different geographical locations, in the main fishing grounds of the world.

Subsidiaries development

Grupo Profand is committed to continually upgrade its subsidiaries by improving the facilities, providing cutting edge industrial machinery, automating processes, unifying the production model, implementing a system of continual improvement, and developing a homogeneous industrial model.

In all our subsidiaries, we have established a common corporate culture based on a series of values that Grupo Profand considers crucial, including efficiency, camaraderie, quality, food safety and corporate social responsibility.

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