Healthy fats in our diet Healthy fats in our diet

Healthy fats in our diet

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It is common to think that fats are bad for our body and health. However, they are essential for our body’s wellbeing in order to carry out multiple functions such as: transport and digest vitamins, build cellular membranes, hormones…, fatty acids are key for child development and growth, but also for blood coagulation or regulation and control of high blood pressure. But the most important thing is that the adipose tissue is the one that stores the extra energy that our body doesn’t use in order to get energy. That is, it’s our body’s fuel which improves our health and protects us from certain illnesses such as depression, inflammatory or heart conditions.

Taking this into consideration, which fats do we need to incorporate into our diet?

The healthy fats that we must take on a daily basis are the ones called unsaturated fats. These are pure fats that are available for our body to use them and transform them depending on our body’s needs; in other words, they haven’t undergone any transformation or process. These fats can be found in oily and white fish, nuts and chicken.

We must moderate the intake of the following foods: vegetable oils such as sunflower oil or olive oil, fatty meats and egg yolk.
There’s a series of products that we must take occasionally such as: fries, pizzas, cold meats, butter and products made with vegetable oils. These are the ones that contain saturated fats or the so-called bad fats, which increase our cholesterol levels and our weight, especially in the abdomen area.

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