Griddled Baby Squid
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Griddled Baby Squid

Main ingredient Baby squid

Griddled Baby Squid

Easy Griddled Baby Squid

Difficulty:   Easy

Servings:   4 people

Method:   30 min.

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Baby squid +

| 450 g of baby squid
| 4 medium potatoes
| Oil
| 4 cloves of garlic
| Parsley
| Salt


| Defrost, wash and drain the baby squid.
| Slice and boil the potatoes.
| Heat some oil on the griddle. When it reaches a high temperature, add the baby squid with a pinch of salt.
| Cook them on both sides until they start to brown.
| In a frying pan, gently fry four finely chopped cloves of garlic and, when golden, add the parsley.
| Place the baby squid and the potatoes on the plate and dress them with the freshly prepared stir-fry.

Give it a try! It's delicious! Give it a try! It's delicious!

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