Prawn skewers
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Prawn skewers

Main ingredient Prawn

Prawn skewers

Easy Prawn skewers

Difficulty:   Easy

Servings:   4 people

Method:   20 min.

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King Prawn +

| 360 g of prawns
| Avocado
| Red pepper
| Oil
| Vinegar or lemon
| Salt
| Chives


| Defrost, wash and drain the prawns.
| Thread them onto the skewers.
| On the griddle, add a little oil and cook the prawns with a pinch of salt.
| Cut up the avocado into crescents and place the skewers on top.
| Make a vinaigrette with oil, vinegar or lemon, and finely chopped red pepper and chives.
| Brush the vinaigrette over the prawns and add a few shredded lettuce leaves.

Give it a try! It's delicious! Give it a try! It's delicious!

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